Dr. James Schaller, MD
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To Our Friends in Florida:
Is Traveling to a Doctor
too Hard?

James Schaller, MD, MAR, is the author of 50 books and top respected journal papers. He offers advanced medical care with the warmth of a family friend.

He is willing to make house calls for complex patients anywhere in the state.

Sample Areas of Non-Surgical Medical Help Offered

  • Crippling fatigue
  • Muscle and neuron decay that does not fit expert expectations
  • Medical troubles with no clear cause that hinder function
  • Tick and Flea-borne infections in one or more family members with one or more possible bites
  • Any treatment resistant mood issues, memory or significant concentration troubles
  • ALS, MS or Parkinson's disease with labs or presentations that do not appear to fit the common presentation or progress of these illnesses
  • Significant inflammation, life controlling allergies or chemical sensitivity which no other healer or physician can help
  • Personality changes that do not make sense or respond to treatment
  • Profound sensitivity to smells, light, sounds, taste or touch showing systemic inflammation
  • Mold infestation with no recovery after leaving exposure
  • Help from a researcher who will study your specific troubles and find solutions, or recommend people who are today's leaders who are often unknown.
  • Skin lesions that no dermatologist or other physician can fix
  • Morgellons Syndrome
  • Mystery Headaches or Migraines poorly controlled for years.

Dr. Schaller has no interest in rushed sessions where you have little time to share your unique needs. He loves being a healer, it is not a job but an immense passion. This means he offers very tailored care that fits your preferences. Top journal editors of various types of medicine are very supportive of his publications, since they feel his research is very useful to suffering people immediately.

Dr. Schaller empathizes with the suffering of others and does not give up on patients. He likes challenges. He loves to save and restore lives.

Call 239 263 0133 to discuss your needs with Dr. Schaller

Request a Free 10-Minute Phone Consult Here!

Bank Tower, Newgate Center, Suite 305
5150 Tamiami Trail N. [41]
Naples, Florida 34103

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Bank Towers, Tamiami Trail, Naples, FL
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