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FL1953 Protomyxzoa Rheumatica

Biofilm Infection with Lyme, Babesia and Bartonella

FL1953 Protomyxzoa Rheumatica is a single celled parasite that looks like Babesia or immature malaria. It is neither based on past publications and has been DNA sequenced. According to one brilliant top Beverly Hills physician, is not rare. Others report the same finding. They are finding FL1953 (Protomyxzoa Rheumatica) in patients with Lyme disease, Bartonella and Babesia. Some feel it is dangerous and capable of blood clotting, mood changes, and a good number of medical troubles leading to lowered function or even disability or death. This image clearly shows a massive biofilm sheet that is 100 times the size of a red blood cell.

Is There Serious Clinical Patient Danger if Doctors and Other Healers Miss FL1953 or Protomyxzoa Rheumatica?

FL1953 slides

This image is from the blood of a 17 year old female with exposure to grass, three foot tall wild grass, small mammals, and ticks on a pet dog.

From the age of 5 to age 9, the girl was a popular student who was able to learn without any extra tutoring from her parents or her teacher. When she was 10, she complained of fatigue, muscle aches and sleep trouble. It was also harder to make her content or happy and she rarely laughed. The child's eyes developed deep gray and purple rings no healer could diagnose. The mother was a successful academic physician in France and sought ideas from Dr. Schaller and a few others writing in this field of emerging infections internationally who also study subtle neurological effects.

The child recovered fully in 18 months according to the mother's report. Any follow up testing was not done because of the child's great fear of needles and because she was doing well.

When she reached 15 years of age, she became moody and oppositional to her parents. She had more trouble learning and was restless in school. Despite having a high IQ, the girl was emotionally immature, and that is suspected as being the reason she was teased by peers too much. She also started to lose some stamina in sports and lost interest in her hobbies. She was easily bored and frustrated.

For over three years the girl was unable to attend school due to behavior troubles, and being teased. She was also moody, anxious, and unable to sleep, had significant obsessions (OCD) and was very impulsive. She picked very poor friends who used drugs illegally, missed school and stole. The blood sample for this image was taken at her request when she finally said to her mother, “I am too nervous, I cannot sleep, my weight is not right and something is wrong with me medically--please help. I want some testing."

As it is rare for any 17 year old youth to make such a request, her mother called Dr. Schaller again and some other doctors who were the mother’s friends in Canada.

Dr. Schaller sent her various new information, new books and articles. They discussed many approaches, the lack of time looking for infections other than merely Lyme in many countries, and the position of most North American infection guidelines. Many advances had emerged since their last discussion, and 2013 offered testing that is still not used routinely, including this stain.

The child was diagnosed by indirect and direct testing and other types of diagnostic advances. Her mother concluded she had Bartonella, Babesia, Borrelia or Lyme disease and FL1953. Six months before this test was done this youth hit her 11 year old sister, her mother and a "friend." It was felt this and other behaviors were not consistent with the girl's core personality, and that these infections contributed to her emotional and behavioral troubles.

She is starting to recover, but according to her mother [an M.D., Ph.D.], she is improving slowly. The mother has dismissed or "fired" the local family physician who she reports is "an ignorant man unable to learn in the face of obvious medical information--he did not care for my daughter."

Note: FL1953 is an older name for Protomyxzoa Rheumatica.

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