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Biofilms in Lyme Disease

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At times, individuals who have tick and flea-borne infections, like Bartonella, Babesia and Borrelia (Lyme disease), can feel their treatment is minimal or incomplete. I have no time for polar intense opinions on the topic of treatment, since regardless of the cause of the pain--whether residual dead infection incorporated into tissue, or one of the many infections carried by the I. scapularis tick — people's misery does not always go away quickly. This is medical and not a therapy deficiency, even if very carefully crafted care is offered from the wide options of progressive medical psychiatry.

After publishing twelve books that all have many pages on non-Borrelia infections, "Lyme testing" seems like alphabet testing in which one only looks for vowels. It is stunning that quality medical doctors are so unread; they evaluate tick and flea infections in the abstract, meaning that they very falsely and sadly do not realize the full magnitude of "the alphabet." Specifically, they ignore how tick infections hit the body hard by:

  • Altering Inflammation Systems
  • Altering the Anti-Inflammation Systems
  • Changing Nutrients
  • Decreasing or Increasing Hormone Levels
  • Direct Immune Cell Variation
  • Affecting Immune System Regulators
  • Making Their Own Biochemicals
  • Lowering Other Biochemicals

I discussed a sample of some of these in my three most recent tick and flea infection books. All are available in English. All can be found free through inter-library loan, for less than 20 USD, or look under Free Books.

Now, in the last four years, some researchers like Dr. Eva Sapi have proven that Borrelia, which causes Lyme disease, is like other spirochetes—it has biofilms. In Dr. Sapi's preliminary opinion, these are very tough biofilms to defeat unless caught in the acute stage.

A tough and mature biofilm allows organisms to laugh at antibiotics. Some interested in Lyme not only ignore the immune suppressing Bartonella bacteria, which are more common than Lyme, but have no awareness of the troublesome biofilm of Lyme.

Finally, it may be possible that bacteria that form biofilms, like Lyme and syphilis, are making chemicals that allow the biofilm to survive better. For example, a biofilm-forming spirochete has been demonstrated to express genes for virulence factors and "a toxin-anti-toxin system" to allow it to survive better in the mouth (Mitchell 2010 Microbiology).

My team and I wish you a healthy year. We hope to publish an extensive research based list of real biofilm treatments for Lyme and the vast number of other illnesses that linger due to biofilms before 2014. The research and the 2009 — 2013 reading of these journal articles is complete. I will try to get out ASAP.

Warm Regards,
Dr. J

Sample Spirochete Biofilm References

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