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The Two Minute Basics of Biofilms
120 seconds that Might Prevent Pain, Suffering and Death

Best-Selling Biofilms Book
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Dr. Schaller's Practical
Biofilm Solutions Book

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Who Has Biofilm Infections?

When you learn about the massive diversity of locations and situations in which biofilms are common and consider that that are often the routine state of bacteria and fungal organisms, you start to realize anyone may have a biofilm infection or infections.

Biofilms are a leading cause of suffering and death.

Biofilm Body Locations and Situations

Many other things could be added to the list, including profoundly serious issues of biofilm contamination in water and dozens of other health-related and manufacturing practices.

*Doctor David Kennedy, a retired dentist, lamented that most adult Americans have gum disease—another bacterial biofilm condition involving chronic infection. So just how widespread is this stealthy healthcare epidemic?

**At Ondine Biopharma, an interview [with Richard Longland] revealed that 38,000,000 people in this country have (or had) a chronic sinus problem.

***Ricardo Murga; Terri S. Forster. Role of biofilms in the survival of Legionella pneumophila in a model potable-water system. Microbiology (2001), 147, 3121–3126.

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