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Is It Time to Treat Depression Broadly?

Is It Time to Flee Simplistic Minds?

Play in the Big Leagues

* Dr. Milty was trained in the 50's and he is annoyed that medications are being used for depression and anxiety. He has been talking to Johnny and his mother for forty years and he feels they are "making progress."

FACT: Therapy is a powerful tool and it helps depression for the long term. Yet anyone in 2005 who opposes biological depression is titanically ignorant and should be treated as a murderer who endorses suicide.

* Dr. Speedy is a young family doc who knows in five minutes that you need Xanax and Paxil. He starts both at doses that are "approved by the FDA" and the drug company, and so of course you are sick with sick effects. You were depressed, but now you are agitated from the serotonin surge and consider suicide briefly.... For about nine weeks as your body gets used to the "acceptable" starting dose.

FACT: If you are in an HMO mill you will get a tent dress and nothing will be carefully tailored. No one will really look in an advanced way at the 200 causes or promoters of biological anxiety or depression. No one will help you learn how to address meaning issues to adjust your physiology. Many of those who prescribe will throw you a script like a warrior throws an ax. This is your brain chemistry. See some one who has the time to hear you, hear your family genetics, and is available by email or phone to tune any medication in the first seven days.

* Dr. Jones is a pretty good psychiatrist and you are seeing him privately for depression and insomnia. He is unable to get your depression fully treated and finally tells you should "learn to accept some depression."

FACT: If a physician cannot fix your depression, they are likely not trained in both advanced and innovative treatments or are missing one of the 200 non-routine medical causes of depression, mania or agitation. If they order labs, and only draw 4-5 tubes, they have no knowledge of all the causes of medically promoted depression. In residency, they were only trained to test for about ten possible medical causes of depression. Only ten! It is not their fault their past professors were so intellectually limited, and could not branch outside the scope of their last two drug company grants.

On this web site, www.personalconsult.com, I have listed many dozens of examples of biological problems that cause depression, mania and panic which fill thousands of pages. This was all posted for tens of thousands of dollars for your free use. We have not met, but if any of this helps a few people find true recovery and joy it will have been worth it. (Would you believe some bitter folks think I actually post these things for the money--such sad bitter people. They just do not know web sites usually never make money). Some are so lost they can even insult a free expression of care.

Some sample medical issues that promote depression or anxiety include:

  • Testing the many arms of the inflammation system since inflammation chemicals depress and agitate the brain.
  • Testing for select nutritional deficiencies
  • Testing your melanocyte stimulating hormone which effects mood
  • Testing for Lyme and Bartonella with IgeneX or Bowen Training Research Center only
  • Testing free testosterone in both genders
  • Testing free 3 thyroid levels (FreeT3)
  • Testing antibodies against the thyroid and its hormones which make "sufficient" thyroid blood levels useless since the thyroid hormone is bound up with an antibody
  • Testing for optimal and high levels of natural bio-identical progesterone, which grows bone, prevents breast and uterine cancer, and helps mood in women as young as 16 and certainly over thirty. I am not talking about synthetic junk.
  • Testing for biotoxin making nasal bacteria
  • Testing for indoor mycotoxin exposure

Any "depression work up" that does not include all of the above is 1980's medicine and is not in keeping with the newest medical advances in depression medicine.

* Dr Black is a well-rounded physician who knows all the material above and works with me from a distance. He tests all these areas and fixes all the medical issues and also provides a solid medication program. The patient decides she wants to also "exercise and eat better," but still feels empty.

FACT: Often experts in meaning, like priests and pastors, miss all the medical and psychological issues above and folks get hurt. But physicians and therapists can miss just the opposite. This patient simply has no meaning in her life. She also is lonely and needs some friends. She needs to have a horizontal life in which she has a sense she is being a co-creator with the Master, and a sense she if plugged into the spiritual world--a vertical life.

We were made to have our being filled with God.

So lets seek a path that offers exceptional broad medical and emotional care, and not ignore the big issues in life. I offer what you want, and will not force any agenda that does not fit your goals.

So I wish you happy days with a new and contented life. That's what I was made to do. Perhaps it is time I help you?

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