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Colleen had been feeling increasingly depressed over the last three years. Her parents had taken her to see their pediatrician, a psychologist, a social worker, and two child psychiatrists.

She initially had some improvement on one of six medication trials but in general, she was not much better. They were concerned. She said, "She hated life." And this worried them. She was fourteen and to have such sad or irritable feelings was hard to hear.

They came to me from Houston for a consult. We had talked on the phone and while I think the parents felt I was competent, I think they were losing hope also.

Her labs showed the following:

  1. A very low alpha MSH level -- a hormone involved in making endorphins and handling stress and lowing inflammation. If it is low it is a sign of inflammation, biotoxins or a genetic problem in manufacturing it.
  2. Three different types of inflammation labs were high. We had her head and sinuses checked with an MRI and her brain with a SPECT Scan done near my office in Naples. She had significant inflammation in her sinus cavities. Inflammation chemicals increase depression. Her SPECT Scan showed patchy inflammation consistent with Lyme, Lupus, drug abuse or vasculitis. I had her urine and blood sent to a tick specialty lab -- negative. The rest of her labs and her family and personal history ruled out the other causes they proposed. So it was a cause the radiologist was not familiar with to cause the patchy metabolism seen in the SPECT Scan.
  3. On her return I ordered a sleep study since her ferritin level was low, and she had two sleep abnormalities.
  4. I had her folks send their disposable Air Conditioning intake filter and two tablespoons of dust to P and K labs. It came back with mold varieties that made a combined total of 14 biotoxins. These chemicals can cause a patchy SPECT Scan.
  5. She was given transdermal progesterone for the 8 days prior to her period, and this reduced hopeless fantasies, her transient weight gain and aches.

Over the past five months, she is 70% better. Each of her problems has been addressed, and in six more months I expect a complete homerun. Her family has moved and she has complied with treatment. I am very optimistic.

Consider giving us a call and trying an email or phone consult. If you like what you hear, come to Naples and let us offer a consult. If you like what you find, we will continue your care. Local MD's back in Texas or in any State can do your occasional physicals, and I will order all labs and treatment.

Give It Serious Thought.


Dr. J

Bank Towers, Tamiami Trail, Naples, FL
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