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Suboxone Update: More and More Hope.
Yet A Concern with Treatment Errors

  1. Trudy was using misc. Internet scripts after her knee surgery medications ran out. She told me she had no pain--only when she ran out of some form of oxycodone. We ran an aggressive medical profile which was "almost like giving blood," but we used transdermal narcotics to her skin and she said the needle was fine.

    She had hurt her liver a little from excess Tylenol or acetaminophen from her Percocets from the Internet. We fixed that with some sublingual liver healing glutathione--the actual chemical the body uses to remove junk.

    She had 7-9 different inflammation labs, showing her discomfort was not just because she was "a fired up" person, but because she had "chemical gasoline" in her body.

    We found 3 micro abscesses in her teeth, which were not causing much pain. We also found that her MSH hormone was very low. This hormone makes endorphins.

    We had her air filter tested at home and we found Aspergillus and Penicillium---both mold species that make biotoxins. The stuff used in biowarfare. We had her place tuned up, and she was slowly, over six month, "feeling right" inside.
  2. Kenny loved his dogs. He probably loved them more than himself. One reason he came to get off narcotics was because he wanted to be able to give them better care. I liked that about him--I like folks that love animals.

    Kenny was committed to a Detox approach and yet after a month, every time we dropped him 2 mg he felt bad. You really should not feel so bad with small drops in Suboxone. It is made for easy Detox, and is not like Methadone.

    Finally, since he was not fitting the clique pattern, I told him I thought we were missing something. He was from the Carolinas and had flown down to see me. I mentioned that the Carolinas have a massive tick disease population, and the physicians in the Carolinas are just not aware of it yet. So he indulged me and had Lyme and Bartonella tests done at two labs. He took 4 weeks of antibiotics to "kill some of them bugs" in case he had it. His plan. And both labs showed some fingerprint bands, antibodies unique only for Lyme. And he had Bartonella, which ruins your mood and increases agitation and impulsivity. No wonder he got divorced.

    After a prolonged series of spicy antibiotic combo's and a Lyme toxin binder to clean up what was killed, he told me one day, "Oh I wanted to mention in our session today that I have been doing well off the Suboxone."

    After I picked myself off the floor, I asked him what he was talking about!?

    I was not mad; I just like to feel a little useful. He had weaned himself off the Suboxone after a number of seasons.

    Treat the medical problems, including the one's commonly missed, and you have a better chance of a full recovery.

To You!

Dr. J

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