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Common Errors With Suboxone Treatment

  1. Suboxone was not designed to force people into a rushed detoxification that they did not want. It was designed to allow people to have a life, and love their families, work and enjoy their friends without having to sit in a degrading methadone clinic.

    Mandatory detoxification is presumptuous. At our center, you can wean yourself down when and if you want. You can do this next season or next year or never. But you will end up taking better care of your body by using legal prescriptions. Lets face it, Suboxone is much better in some ways than illegal heroin of unclear purity, or poorly monitored methadone, or Internet rip-off narcotics. Have you had a couple close calls? Get away from the cliff!
  2. You are not an addict to me. And we will try to learn why you have acted out with substances. We routinely find addiction promoting medical findings and undertreated pain sources. You may have started using after a painful medical procedure or to blunt emotional pain -- but who says that is what maintained the addiction.

    Hundreds of medical problems increase psychological pain and lower natural endorphins. And family doctors, psychiatrists, addictionologists, internists, and other physicians miss many addiction promoting medical problems. So if you just want a few trash labs, and like to be treated as an object, I am the wrong guy. I will look into your medical state more completely than the big name IVY places.

    You would be amazed at the subtle mystery illnesses missed and found in our practice. And once these are healed and your own endorphins and other bodily functions are working well. You can look at a new direction with more hope of a real change--not just shallow hype.
  3. Forget about a set program. You are my program. No one exists like you. No one has your unique types of problems, and so we do not have a molded, cookie-cutter program that we will force you into and then spit you out when the oven timer goes off. Sure, people have learned material that can help you. But the pace and the program must be molded to you, not the opposite.

With Hope For Your New Beginning!

Dr. J

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