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Wisdom from the Pain Relief Network


When a physician is targeted for inappropriate opioid prescribing, he typically finds himself alone, pilloried in the media, attacked by his state medical board, and defended by lawyers who confuse civil and criminal standards. The DEA reports that 410 doctors were prosecuted in 2002, representing an 800% increase in physician prosecutions over the last three years. American citizens, as a result, by the thousands are being forced into suicide by untreated pain.


PRN has brought many targeted physicians together into our support network of physicians and attorneys and is sharing information with their lawyers, coordinators and interested family members.

PRN is enabling targeted physicians to leverage their attorney's meager resources, providing a much more formidable resistance to Justice Department and State prosecution teams which seem to enjoy unlimited access to funds.

In essence, PRN is taking a clinical approach to the legal defense of pain care. No one has ever taken this kind of empirical approach to the problem.

PRN is also building an informal but formidable network of mainstream medical institutions, pharmaceutical companies, pain organizations, civil rights groups, grass-roots patient groups, religious organizations, concerned law enforcement entities, drug policy organizations, and legal associations, eager to assist the beset doctors.

Reforms and legislative approaches developed by PRN will be in response to real world circumstances. Therefore PRN can be expected to effect measurable improvement in public access to pain care.

PRN's ultimate goal is to provide Americans unfettered access to pain care. Our clinical litigation project is a first and necessary step along the path to accomplishing our goal.

"The price
of freedom is
constant vigilance."
Thomas Jefferson

While it is rare to find a group you agree with 100% of the time, this group is aggressively working to allow tens of millions of people access to pain care. If you think you can get pain care easily in the current government against doctors climate--dream on. With the new war on drugs becoming a war on medicine by the 1980's thinking DEA and the "Justice" Department--better named the anti-pain relief department, or the department of medically stupid sadists, you will be lucky to ever get anyone to treat chronic pain with narcotics. And before you say, "My surgery and past experience tells me I will never need narcotics"--you have many decades to acquire major arthritis or inoperable joints too risky for surgery.

So you slowly drift into a daily painful life? That is what the DEA, the Justice department and State Board's seem to want. They attack doctors willing to treat such suffering, with amazingly stupid arguments like, "the number of scripts and doses were too high."

My dear sadists, please read the basic texts on pain and realize there is no such thing as a maximum dose. And the reason Dr. Jones and Dr. Smith write so many scripts is you have terrified 99% of the medical community into avoiding pain treatment--other then a few pills after a joint replacement!

My favorite Anti-pain comment is: "three of Dr. Jones's patient's died as a result of these prescriptions."

For an idiot, it sounds like there is some sense here. Until you use a third neuron and consider:

  1. Many physicians have hundreds to thousands of patients, and they are having some patients die every year, just like you have some neighbors, friends or family members die.
  2. Some patients do not obey the rules and may drink excessively or use other drugs with these prescriptions. The doctor is not a 24 Big Brother policemen controlling every patient.
  3. Many people with pain have severe inflammation--this leads to heart attacks and strokes in ways pathologists are just starting to realize. If you have an inflamed hip or arthritic fingers, the inflammation chemicals will increase death by two of the three most common causes of death--heart attacks and strokes.
  4. Studies on deaths due to pain medications show the cause of death being opioids as the SINGLE cause is very rare. Often, many other substances are present, often illegal substances, or they have engaged in risky acts, or tried to commit suicide. In general, opioids are safer to organs than Tylenol or Motrin. If you were a mature adult and not living in the child's world of good cops, bad docs, you would realize there is some risk to every drug. More importantly, treating pain stops suicide to escape pain, allows a person to function at a job and in relationships, prevents blood clots from inactivity due to pain.

Best Wishes for a Pain-Free Life For You and All Your Loved Ones!

Dr. J

For further information link to: www.painreliefnetwork.org

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