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In another article on this site I list articles, which show that the banana-shaped Lyme bacteria has toxic chemicals on the outside coating. Some studies also show that another tough tick infection, called Babesia, also has these toxins. So if you kill Lyme or Babesia you must have to have a means to remove the dead chemicals. Please understand these chemicals are not just "mush" which just sit around doing nothing. These outer endotoxins are very aggressive in the body after the infections are killed and make patients very ill.

I do not know what percentage of patient's have trouble removing these biotoxins. My guess is about 5-10%.

How do you know if you are a person who must have special treatment that does not release the Lyme toxins too fast? You have to get a special outer cell protein lab done called a HLA DR, DR. Only have test done by LabCorp, which offers 5 measures, and not just the 2 offered by Quest.

After this test is done, the two patterns that show you cannot remove Lyme endotoxins well are:



If your physician does not know how to read these you can set up an email consult to have me read them.

For more information on this test, order Mold Warriors, by Shoemaker, Schaller and Schmidt, at www.moldwarriors.com


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This type of medicine is not the standard of care in any state and in any specialty. If you only want FDA-approved and orthodox medicine you should probably ignore everything on this web site. If you only want medical material based on double blind large studies, you should probably ignore this web site. This site is for patients and health professionals who do not have all the answers.

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