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Bianca Jagger Fights Back at Landlord
Who Wants Rent for Toxic Mold Apartment

The ex-wife of Rolling Stones lead vocalist Mick Jagger has developed quite a name for herself worldwide. Bianca Jagger is an internationally experienced human rights advocate. She knows how to stand up for others worldwide. But now she has to apply her skills, while profoundly ill from her mold filled New York apartment, toward fighting the landlord evicting her.

Katz Park Avenue Corp. filed a lawsuit Friday to evict Jagger from her New York apartment. She stopped paying rent in 2003 due to water damage in her apartment and which she reports had harmful levels of mold. She told New York magazine that "her eyes began to feel bleary" after she discovered the water damage in 2001. When Katz sued her in 2003 for the unpaid rent, Jagger responded with a $20 million personal injury suit.

The biotoxic mold has crippled her functioning according to her forward in Mold Warriors, a 600-page book on indoor mold's impact on human health.

New York City inspectors found mold in Jagger's apartment in October 2003. They classified the mold as "immediately hazardous," and gave the owner five days to have the problem certified as corrected.

Apparently, Katz' attorneys did not return calls to reply.

Jagger's clothes, furniture and business documents were damaged by the water and mold, Bryson said, and doctors have documented her health ailments, popularly known as "sick building syndrome."

Ms. Jagger has extensive health ailments documented in Mold Warriors and these include serious respiratory-related problems, among others." She has had the toxic mold chemicals float all over her apartment and contaminate all her belongings.

Katz claims contractors recently finished repairing the apartment, according to Bryson. We are not aware of any independent expert mold evaluators who have tested the quality of the repairs.

A judge delayed any eviction proceedings until the end of the contract in February 2005.

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