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Moldy Nursing Homes

My job as a nurse for a Long Term Care Pharmacy took me in and out of many nursing homes in the mid-Atlantic region. Many of them smelled musty. Some had visible signs of mold in the halls, on the floors, on the ceilings and in bathrooms. There were some buildings with mold remediation in progress, some with a sheet of plastic up to shield the people outside the work area, some without any protection for the remediator or the people in the building.

For years I tried to talk myself out of the fatigue, myalgia, arthralgia, forgetfulness, tremors, intermittent blurred vision, swelling, excessive thirst and sleeplessness. After all, if many physicians could not find the problem maybe they were right, there really was no problem. It only took one smart physician to point me in the right direction. He believed me, he saw that my physical, mental and spiritual self was deteriorating. He knew of a physician that was doing research on Biotoxic Illness and sent me to Dr. Shoemaker in Pocomoke, MD. He treated me and educated me. I found out that mold is highly toxic. It is more toxic to some based on their genetics. I learned that mold has severe and long lasting effects.

I also learned, through my own research, that the American public is being lead to believe that mold holds no long lasting threat to people. Many of the patients in the nursing homes that I visited had developed dementia, chronic pain, psychiatric disorders, a worsening of their health when they arrived in the nursing home.

Many workers developed asthma, emotional problems, chronic fatigue and reproductive problems. It is time that the American people are told the truth about this deadly toxic, especially in the wake of the damage from the hurricanes this year and the climatic changes that are taking place.

We placed our trust in you to protect us. Protect us with the truth.

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