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Mold And Cognitive Problems

Researchers looked at 31 mold exposed patients and compared them to different groups. Most had multiple cognitive problems. Some samples include memory deficits and effects on the frontal lobes which control insight, the ability to go from a to z to complete an action, judgment, interpersonal skills, and other thinking and action abilities, etc. Depression was present in many. Amazingly the findings in mold-exposed patients were so serious as to be close to symptoms in 65 persons with mild traumatic brain injury and 26 individuals with moderate traumatic brain injury.


Brief comment: The fact that mold exposed patients are being soberly compared to brain trauma patients shows the seriousness of mold toxins on the function of the brain, and shows that the idea that mold merely cause upper respiratory trouble is eccentric and false. Anyone working with seriously mold-exposed people notices their subtle and serious mold thinking trouble after five minutes of listening to them think. It is not vague after being with twenty patients with mold illness.


Gordon WA, Cantor JB, Johanning E, Charatz HJ, Ashman TA, Breeze JL, Haddad L, Abramowitz S. Cognitive impairment associated with toxigenic fungal exposure: a replication and extension of previous findings. Appl Neuropsychol. 2004;11:65-74.


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