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Dr. Burrascano's 2005
"Advanced Topics in Lyme Disease"

Joseph Burrascano has been addressing the needs of Lyme patients for decades. His sacrifice for thousands of Lyme patients has been massive. Attached is the newest version of his freely offered treatment guidelines. This is a condensed solid summary of treatment for patients and their physicians. He has revised this document repeatedly in the last two decades. Now he again offers guidelines to aid patients and their doctors, who together are responsible for treatment decisions.

In contrast to many Lyme "experts," Dr. Burrascano actually listens to ill patients. He treats Lyme patients from all over the world. After their clueless doctors refute their misery, and people realize they are talking to the deaf, they come by the thousands to see him. It is likely he has treated more Lyme patients than any government agency. He knows that large routine lab mills are a joke. I found him after noticing that relatives and friends with obvious Lyme disease--proven by a bulls-eye rash--repeatedly were "negative" on common large junk Lyme tests. So I looked past clique government agencies and useless Ivy league bores with their dangerous proclamations, and have been happy to find I have been able to save many lives using many of "Dr. Joe's" materials. Some of the lives I have saved include my closest relatives and friends--thanks to Dr. Joe and some other mentors.

Dr. Burrascano should be honored in the state of New York, but unfortunately his state board abused him in past decades, and only recently have decided to stop destroying the Lyme intelligencia of their state. They likely killed many thousands as Lyme experts refused to continue to treat pateints, were put out of business with legal fees, lost their license due to ignorant Lyme rulings, took treating physicians clinical time away while they prepared a defense, and made other physicians fear the entire topic. Yet, despite hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted replying to silly New York Board attacks, Dr. Joe, the smart trail blazer, has now been successful in limiting the abuses of the New York State Medical Board. So now this physician who had seen Lyme in his family at an early age, and passionately pursued excellence, is now able to mentor and train others freely.

This guide is not meant to cover every topic associated with Lyme, but it is a smart place to start.

Advanced Topics in Lyme Disease DOWNLOAD HERE!

Dr. J

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