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Medical Justice is What the Doctor Ordered!

Medical Justice is an immensely powerful resource with many ways to help physicians handle the current anti-MD environment. They are a powerful profound push back on all attacks on physicians.

For example, I love the superior, aggressive and brilliant top defense lawyers Medical Justice uses.

They are very aggressive with lost lawsuits by plaintiffs, and offer massive financial support to a physician for full and complete countersuits of "experts," lawyers and plaintiffs.

I also enjoy providing and receiving access to top experts who offer free expert advice on defense.

I am involved with strong physician defense, because physician numbers are falling, and medicine is looking unappealing. We need the best minds in medicine, and not merely those with an interest. Part of that means the ability to practice free of defamation, bad faith board reports or malpractice attacks. Medical Justice and their contacts offer strong defense and offense in all of these areas.

It is the check I write each year that makes me feel I am cheating THEM!

Do you want some strong people to help you take back medicine and enjoy being a healer?

Do not go the road of this physician below—JOIN MEDICAL JUSTICE NOW!

Quote: From a Michigan physician:

"I just went through the hell of a 5 day trail. I was falsely accused of malpractice. I prevailed. Nonetheless, I was compared to a war criminal and the drunken captain of the Exxon Valdez."

Few things are as frustrating as being named to a frivolous lawsuit in which you clearly don't belong.

I know because I've been there.

And I can help.

I founded Medical Justice in 2002 to protect physicians from the nightmare that is a frivolous malpractice lawsuit. Our protection is proven, patented and it works. Nationwide, physicians are sued at a rate of up to 8 - 10% per year. Medical Justice members who implement our full protective barriers are sued at a rate of less than 1% per year. That's correct, less than 1% per year!

Most malpractice cases linger from 3 to 5 years. That is simply too long. If you are ever named in a lawsuit, our Early Action Program works to get you dropped from that suit sooner rather than later. And once you prevail in a suit, we provide viable countersuit and counterclaim measures to ensure that justice is done.

Don't wait to find yourself in the situation of our Michigan colleague above.

Protect yourself today.

Call 877.MED.JUST (877.633.5878) or email us at info@medicaljustice.com for a free lawsuit prevention consultation with one of our specialists.


Jeff Segal, MD, FACS

P.S. Each lawsuit prevention consultation will include a copy of our special report "Top 10 Ways to Keep Lawyers at Bay."

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