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People come from all over the USA and the world to bring their children. One might suspect that in his 76 year-old frame, he has treated probably more cases of pediatric Lyme disease than the CDC and NIH combined.

In talking to him in past years, particularly about relatives and friends that almost died and were in hospitals receiving useless care, and who mocked the idea of Lyme, we found that virtually everyone had Lyme and improved on aggressive antibiotics. The labs were all negative until they were sent to IGENEX, a tick specialty lab, which some ignorant physicians say "always reports positives." Obviously they have not used this lab. My colleagues report many negatives.

Indeed, all these relatives were negative by CDC criteria for monitoring populations and by junk cheap labs, and yet all responded miraculously to antibiotics and some eventually did come up positive on a few of the junk Lyme tests as their immune system found the stealthy Lyme bacteria.

One who was in the hospital and could not speak clearly, was treated for chronic Lyme by the Jones method by another doctor and just got strait "A's" in Engineering -- hardly a simple feat!

At 76, Dr. Charles Ray Jones calls himself the head of the "lyme mafia." His belief is highly controversial to many physicians and state board lawyers and doctors who know nothing about treating Chronic Lyme. His method is to aggressively treat with antibiotics, for in some severe chronic patients up to seven years, if needed to cure the diffuse and entrenched chronic lyme bacteria.

He has told me, "The key factor is not some pre-determined simplistic cookbook time, but to treat until everything goes away, until there's no symptom at all that even suggests lyme is present. Then treat two more months beyond that."

Jones reports that of the 7,000 children he's treated, three-fourths are now healthy. Currently, some 800 Massachusetts families drive all the way to his Connecticut office for help. It is the same picture in other neighboring states. I guess he has no plans for a relaxed retirement. But the families on the chat groups I read say they are utterly fed up with Lyme ignorant physicians in the neighboring states and love their kids "so much" that they will "do what it takes to see Dr. Jones."

Dr. Jones explains that commonly children are diagnosed with Lyme. But if the symptoms do not go away with a month of an oral antibiotic, doctors look to a vast array of diagnostic options-arthritis, MS or fibromyalgia.

According to one Boston paper, "Right now, there are more patients that know more about Lyme disease, actually more children, too, than there are physicians. And that's a sad commentary," Jones said.

The controversy over how aggressively to treat lyme has split doctors. But Dr. Jones has given Marlena Connors hope. Other specialists told her Lyme disease was not responsible for her inability to walk.

"They said she had conversion disorder. That she was making the whole thing up," Marlena's mother, Sandy Connors, said.

After beginning major antibiotic treatment, Marlena did get better well enough to take a trip to Disney World. She's looking forward to the future.

"Going out with my friends, taking walks and doing normal things. I just want to be a normal person," she said.

Source: Personal interviews with Dr. Jones and TheBostonChannel

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