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Lyme Disease & Rashes

Many physicians feel the only important rash in Lyme disease is the bulls-eye rash. It you have it, it is virtually certain you have a Lyme infection. If a physician is bizarre enough to use a lab "test" that proves you do not have Lyme after having a bulls-eye rash, they are using junk science. Indeed, it is a waste of blood to test for Lyme with a bulls-eye rash, and what you should be getting tested for is co-infections carried by Lyme bearing ticks. And other labs such as the MSH test for a special hormone and other lab markers.

Further, you should know, that according to veteran Lyme clinician and author, Dan Kinderleher, MD, there are 11 marks or rashes in acute Lyme. Some of which are very common and routinely missed.

Below are some sample rashes from Lyme. This is a very small sample, and Chronic Lyme causes many different rashes and skin symptoms.


These came from: www.faqs.org/faqs/medicine/lyme-disease/ld-faq/

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