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Top infectious disease expert Joseph Jemsek has been a leader in advanced infection science for decades, and has done more for HIV/AIDs patients and those with Tick infections such as Lyme and Babesia, then any other physician in the entire Carolinas. He also has treated more tick infection patients per year then perhaps any other in the USA and perhaps this cost unsettled some insurance companies in and out of the state? Some insurance companies seem to want to use the Medical Boards as their free hit squad.

His thanks for such service to so many in the Carolinas, when he is sought out and desired by many other communities, is to be told by those with none of his experience on the Board, to limit his IV treatment of severely ill Lyme infected patients to a magical 60 days — on this exact day we are told all need for antibiotics IV is done.

Nice clean number which is more fitting with the fields of math, accounting and physics, but hardly the complexities of the human body.

This obviously unusual pronouncement was based in part on the testimony of a few pro-Lyme infection evangelists who feel Lyme missed for decades is still 100% cured in 30 days — again, the number magic game.

Stand By 60 Days Or Damage Patients?

Soon after their papal pronouncement over the brilliant Joe Jemsek, that all Lyme is cured after 60 days IV, immediately two child patients are being sent to him needing longer IV care. Their other doctors and mother's are demanding the board end its interference and allow longer IV treatment. I guess treating medicine from the seat on the Medical Board is not as smart as it seemed when the dubious pro-Lyme infection witnesses with a fraction of Dr. James's experience were babbling about less IV use ...


Fifteen-year-old Kalyn Faggart can feel her world growing dark. It starts with a throbbing pain near the back of her head, the pressure from fluid accumulating in her cranial cavity building and pressing against the sensitive optic nerve with a blinding intensity.

Kalyn's world goes dark ones slow frame at a time, the result of a debilitating disease that attacks the central nervous system. Her field of vision narrows as the swelling around her brain becomes more severe, progressively stealing her sight by the hour, day and week.

Kalyn's mother, Denise Faggart, knows that time is precious and that it is running out.

"If left untreated, Kalyn's ophthalmologist says she'll go blind," Denise Faggart said softly of her daughter's deteriorating condition. "Right now, we're looking at about a four-week window and it's terrifying."

Denise Faggart has been in a race against the clock for nearly a month now, petitioning the N.C. Medical Board to allow her daughter to continue receiving medical care from Dr. Joseph Jemsek, a Charlotte-area infectious disease specialist who is at the center of a national controversy over Lyme disease that nearly cost him his medical license and, advocates contend, has left hundreds of his patients in dire straits.

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