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Eat Burned Food And Be Burned?
Cancer and Those "Dark" Heterocyclic Amines

It is well known that foods cooked at high temperatures inflict massive damage to the genes. Women who eat very well cooked hamburgers have a 50% greater risk of breast cancer than women who eat rare or medium hamburgers. A nested, case-control study among 41,836 cohort members of the Iowa Women's Health Study found that women who consistently consumed well cooked beef steak, hamburgers, and bacon had a 4.62-fold increased risk of breast cancer (Zheng, et al. 1998). Cooking foods at high temperatures causes the formation of gene-mutating heterocyclic amines.

This is one reason why eating deep-fried foods is dangerous. Heterocyclic amines have been linked to prostate, breast, colorectal, esophageal, lung, liver, and other cancers. While health-conscious people try to avoid foods that are known carcinogens, even burn-marked grilled salmon contains a potent dose of gene-mutating heterocyclic amines (Madrigal-Bujaidar, et al. 1997).

Other physicians say you should still be careful your meat is not too pink or in very rare situations one can get E. coli (O157:H7), which is a dangerous bacteria, that can kill and cause hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS). What is that?

This syndrome is a common cause of sudden, short-term kidney failure. In severe cases, this acute kidney failure may require repeated dialysis filter wastes from the blood since the kidney is not working.

Most cases of HUS come from eating Escherichia coli bacteria in contaminated foods like meat, dairy products, juice, or feces polluted pools or lakes. Washing and cooking foods as I mentioned, and swimming in quality areas are preventative. Any adult or child vomiting, stomach cramps and bloody diarrhea needs to be in an ER.

Perhaps, if you have the option, also leaving out the antibiotics and hormones in your meat is a good idea.

In general this raises the idea why it is good to help the liver remove junk, which I discuss in these two articles:



In conclusion, the information on heterocyclic amines makes me feel it is also good to check your natural killer cell levels. These cells are involved in killing cancer cells in the body, and a number of nutrients seem to increase their number.

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