Dr. James Schaller, MD
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My son has been diagnosed with ADHD and depression, allergies, oppositional defiant disorder and we had seen many doctors and alternative care practitioners. Although we tried many different medications we continued to see little or no improvement, until we saw Dr. Schaller.

I have found him to be caring, honest and committed to helping my son get better.

I have seen definite and continuing improvement in just a couple of months and we are excited to continue this journey. Thank you and many blessings to Dr. J.

He nailed us 4 for 4 and none of us presented the same clinically. I love his books and lab panels, nothing has been more informative in monitoring what is going on. But what blew me away the most was his ability to tell me who was going to react to what and nail it to a T.

I have a severely impaired 5 Y/O that no doc would touch...

[For example, there is one woman with a 6 to 16 month waiting list that might have a clue in terms of how to address genetics, environmental exposures on top of these insidious infections, and she is very expensive, and who can wait that long x 4?

So if you are sick of searching for answers and just want to get better, he is a fabulous pick.

After 5 years of seeing doctors with my positive Lyme test it was nice to land in a comfortable, caring office, and get treatment and diagnosis for the rest of us on the first lab run. If only insurance could provide the same service without a zillion errors and excuses.

Dr Schaller is "the Best" MD I have ever seen.

His knowledge and tenacity to get to the root of your medical problems is unsurpassed.

He takes as much time as necessary to diagnose your symptoms and will not stop until he has found an answer. I am living proof.

He literally saved my life when other MD's left me hopeless.

If you have medical issues that no one has the answers for, he is the man to see. You will definitely be treated with respect and compassion. The medical profession should use him as a model of what a Doctor is supposed to be.

"Dr. J" is one of the finest diagnosticians in the U.S. and one of the few doing research, real research into Bartonella, Babesia, Borrelia and other tick-borne illnesses.

He has treated our daughter and now me and has made extraordinary gains in just a few months. He is creative in his use of medications and other treatments, making many of them transdermal to spare the GI tract. He is the only physician out of many we have seen who has given us hope and with whom we have made progress. He knows what to order in lab work and knows when to refer you to another specialist for concomitant disorders. Insurance: United Healthcare

Dr. Schaller is compassionate and caring and an expert in his topics. His books are very helpful and I recommend reading them before you have your appointment. Many of the new breakthrough discoveries of the last 10 years in co-infection medicine were the result of Dr. Schaller's research.

I came to Dr. Schaller with untreated Lyme Disease and severe migraine headaches that had become constant pain so not only could I not work, but I could not continue to live.

He is the only doctor who was able to control my pain after years of seeing specialists, even a "LL MD." He has the knowledge to test CORRECTLY for co-infections and understands the associated psychiatric issues which are just as debilitating. His aggressive treatment of depression and anxiety has probably already saved my life. I rate 4 [0-5] on punctuality because he does take emergency calls, helping other patients — and likewise there for my emergency.

His staff was rated a 4 as well only because they too have a huge amount of work — but I would rate staff as a 5 being caring and going above and beyond when needed. Don't judge him too quickly. It's always those who are on the cutting edge of treatments while taking care of the very ill that get wrongfully attacked. I have faith that he will successfully treat me.

Was plagued by Bartonella and Babesia. Had been diagnosed with Lyme and "treated" but [I was] still sick. NO ONE knew what was wrong or how to fix me. Went to the "best" Lyme doctor's in the country. Still stayed sick.

I finally got to Schaller — he diagnosed me and successfully treated my co-infections. I [believe] … that if you don't treat them first, the Lyme just stays and continues to create havoc in your system. I thank God every day I found this man.... I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, mono, and a high epstein barr virus... so classic. I had inflammation and could not lose weight — I now have a BMI of 20 and am over 50 years old!

If anyone has called you crazy or just doesn't know how to treat you.... you are in the wrong hands. Even a non-patient consult with Schaller is money well spent. He saved my life, and my husband and family could not be more grateful. He is not for the weak of heart or lazy. You must read and follow his direction… slacking off doesn't = healthy!

If you have "Lyme Disease," [and are not better,] Dr. Schaller is the person to see.

He is gifted in diagnosing tic-borne diseases [plural] and provides exceptional aggressive treatment.

He makes his own appointments and takes emergency calls so at times he may be late to his phone consults. However folks, he's worth it. If your current Lyme Doctor can't figure it out, I suggest a visit to Naples!!! I'm [now] able to work full time and I've only been under his treatment for 3 months.

Six of us with the same symptoms had been to 28 doctors in Connecticut with no answers to our mystery illness. It was Dr. Schaller's research and labs that cracked our illnesses. My son had turned blue from this mystery illness and had diagnosed with ADHD and an anxiety disorder...all caused by a complex tick-borne infection. Dr. Schaller knew the right labs to give us, labs that nobody understood could be off with these illnesses. Had I not found him, I would surely be disabled and my son very sick. The ADHD and anxiety caused by Babesia, Bartonella and Lyme completely vanished with treatment. I have observed other doctors read Dr. Schaller's research with interest. He has my highest respect and my son's as well. My son knows the difference that his care made for him and it is huge! He has gone way above and beyond for us. Even the first time I met him, he composed a letter to the school explaining the cause of my son's struggles, and was compassionate to our family struggles.

Having suffered from Bartonella and Lyme, I can tell you how emotionally unbalanced and hateful I became.

I would lash out at everyone around me, including my Doctors, including Dr. Schaller.

No matter how hateful and vengeful my threats against Dr. Schaller, he let it roll off his shoulders as a symptom of my disease, which it was. I am forever grateful for his thick skin and persistence, and opening the doors of hell and letting me out.

I am now healthy, emotionally and physically, and look forward to living a happy healthy life. [Some insult good doctors like this one.] And I can only say it is the disease talking. Dr. Schaller … as far as his knowledge and progressive approach to medicine… He took one of my calls at 3 in the morning and took care of me. How many … doctors would do that, let alone answer the phone?

Dr. Schaller and has been exceptionally kind and generous with his time. His office manager is also top notch and very personable. He is extremely knowledgeable as a clinician and definitely thinks outside of the conventional medical "box".

His expertise is vast and well-rounded in the treatment of TBD's.

He is also quite informed regarding bio-identical hormone replacement and anti-aging medicine. This is of extreme benefit to patients who often have hormonal imbalances resulting from TBD's...

Bank Towers, Tamiami Trail, Naples, FL
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