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The Distracted Masochistic Women's Guide
to Preventing Breast Cancer


Give Yourself 1/10th the Care Offered to the
Dead Family Dog Buried in the Back Yard.

I met with some smart women last month and they seemed to think there was little to do in preventing breast cancer and preferred to read Yachting magazine and Better Home and Gardens. So the beloved fairer sex can also be clueless-like men sometimes. And at times kids, work and the business of life means self care is flushed into the septic tank.

Never fear, however, Dr. Obnoxious is here ...

If you do not have time to read my fuller cancer prevention article here is a simple version for the committed masochist who feels they are not worth more than 5 minutes and who suffers the delusion that one or two 5 minute medical evaluations once a year is actually full prevention.

  1. Two types of fat estrogens are implicated in breast cancer. Indoplex or DIM reduces one bad type. If your health food store or pharmacy does not know what you are talking about-flee. This explains the weird finding that smokers have less breast cancer-smoking decreases the cancerous form of estrogen. Do not smoke as a treatment.
  2. Progesterone has come to mean so many things that it has reduced doctors, researchers and patients to babbling idiots. Lets go back to the basics. Progesterone is what your body makes. Anything else is a foreign substance that is a progestin or synthetic progesterone and a patentable drug. Natural bio-identical progesterone is believed by many to help decrease breast cancer by many mechanisms. Once you have breast cancer, you may never be able to use again. The only thing natural progesterone and synthetic progesterone have in common is the letter "P!"

    A few atom changes make the difference between estrogen and testosterone, or the fact you are a man or a woman. Do not let yourself be duped into thinking "small" synthetic changes are meaningless.

    You peak progesterone around age 32-35, and from then on you have declining levels. Some researchers note that breast cancer starts around 35 and peaks it's killing in women aged 45-50. But perhaps that is shear coincidence. I doubt it.

    If you need convincing of your need, note if you have any PMS. My patients have none. Yes, I said none. That's how good natural progesterone works at the correct dose.

    Also, you need to measure your progesterone in the second half of your cycle or 18-23 days after your first day of bleeding to see if your progesterone treatment level is any good. Just taking any old dose is not a certain test for the ideal dose.
  3. Most multi-vitamins are either over-priced multi-level products or one-a-day trash. (A good one for a woman, which has low dose soy, red clover and anti-oxidants, is from Nutraceutical Sciences Institute-a leader in direct wholesale sales). These plant estrogens are very weak estrogens and basically fill the receptors and decrease the effects of environmental cancer toxins, called xeno-estrogens. Consider this NSI formulation, repeatedly revised, designed by my OB/GYN father and 6 other doctors. Click wholesale nutrients button on home page and click "women's health." Good luck finding a better deal for the same quality anywhere.
  4. Check your breasts religiously for strange new lumps and have your Gyn or experienced family doctor also check. Watch their technique and learn the right way to check. It is more than merely grabbing things, and patting around over the course of 15 seconds in the shower, just before you are flying out to the car in the morning.

I could go on, but for masochistic women who find other people the only people of value, or women who feel reading Vogue or People is more important than preventing breast cancer, I will stop.

All sarcasm aside...

My father has taught me to love women's health. Rooted in the love of his 9 lovely and kind sisters, his deceased loving mother and a wife and three daughters.

I am honored to share a combined 45 years in caring for women with this caring wise physician.

To Your Health!

Dr. James S.

Bank Towers, Tamiami Trail, Naples, FL
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