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Basic Allergy Relief: Often Ignored


I have relatives who have profound allergies. Surviving is based on some of the principles below. They relate to constant allergies and seasonal allergies.


I am increasingly stunned at the number of sources of bad chemicals and gases found in the typical family home and business. One thing about occupational toxicology is that it sure feels like cold water on your face at 5 am.

You begin to realize that most of your cleaners, electronics, computers, weed killers, paints, highlighters, make up, and hundreds of average products have known carcinogens in some form.

While you take the years to slowly wean yourself away from these products to other replacement ones. It takes quite a while to learn calmly. You can benefit from a special friend. The friend is a combination HEPA and charcoal filter. Some new machines have a third filter for further purification. This is the sort of friend who will only be nice to you -- these are the friends that are easy to like.

At a minimum, put HEPA Filters in your bedroom, main living space, (and in car if drive over 60 minutes per day).

As they run they will decrease the new car smell which is partly "off-gassing" of toxic chemicals. As they suck up the home air they will help remove the toxins from the new paint on your walls, or your computer or that nice "safe" liquid pesticide. Such chemicals undermine a balanced and healthy immune system.

It is amazing that some health advocates never suggest a basic device to remove allergen particles (HEPA filter) and irritant gases (charcoal or other special gas removing filters in some HEPA models).


Which type of home should you buy? Older homes are often dusty and moldy. New homes off-gas formaldehyde, benzene and other chemicals.

For older homes, you may need a very low dose ozone machine to kill mold spores and dust mites. Never increase the dose of ozone unless you will be out of the area and will air-out the room for many hours.

New homes should have hard surface floors with minimal carpeting. Let the air into a new home to flush out gases from new construction materials.


Dust allergy sufferers require special dust mite pillow and bedding covers. Use an organic dust mite cleanser in the washing machine for bedding and on carpets. Sheets should be washed weekly at a minimum and all bedding monthly to kill dust mites. Bedrooms should have minimal window coverings (shades are preferred to draperies or blinds).


What mammal is most important? One hears of non-allergenic dogs and cats. We have studied them all. You may be able to tolerate for a week, a month, or the life of the animal. But that does not mean "hypoallergenic." Other sites discuss breeds, hair types, smaller breeds, maintenance and grooming, etc. Sometimes you have to decide on emotional contact and physical health. Your call.


It is nice we have medications to reduce histamine release. However some people never explore the reason why their body is reacting. Two possibilities that are commonly missed are:

  1. Liver detox deficits -- You may have great liver cells, but not the substances the liver needs to stick on drugs, foreign hormones and toxins to remove them. Routine liver function tests done by your doctor do not test the amounts of these key detoxification or "junk removal" substances. If they are not present the junk just recycles and may increase allergic reactions.
  2. A very large portion of the immune system is around the intestines. If the intestinal wall becomes slightly inflamed there may be a release of these inflammation chemicals into the blood, which then worsen allergies.


Please see my other free one-page article on: Why It is Hard to Quit Smoking."


In the Northeast of the USA, I see every year -- "the great dry out." In this event, people of every race, age and creed come together, and donate all their body moisture to the god of dry air heating systems. Meaning, all the moisture in their body is lowered as they inhale dry heated air. People become like large grapes turning into raisins in these houses or buildings. It is as if with the coming of the cold, moisture becomes the great enemy. The message is to get a low care cold mist humidifier and a cheap digital humidity reader and keep at 40 to 48%. Do not go up to 55% or mold will grow--we are not building a green house. Good balanced humidity will prevent your nose membranes from cracking, help cracked and dry skin and should help allergies. Also, avoid hot showers, since they strip of the surface oils and allow microscopic cracks to form and itch. The itch is fungus growing in the tiny cracks (Source: James. A. Schaller MD, Women's Health, Blue Dolphin Press, 1998).


I simple rule of thumb should generally be that if the product has chemicals that you need a chemistry degree to read, what is the great need to use them. Many effective cleaning agents exist. Rather that give you my current favorites-which might change next month -- merely search the Internet with "organic cleaner" or "natural detergent." Not everything natural is safe. Hemlock is natural. And more subtly, some "natural" shampoos contain 10 herbs, which can promote itching. Yet as a trend, however, you do not need complex eccentric chemicals in your house. Some of these chemicals or gases are a challenge to the liver to remove -- like asking your mouth to swallow a loaf of bread.

For Further Reading

Robert Ivker, D.O., Sinus Survival, 4th edition, Putnam Press.

While hundreds of books exist on this topic at various levels of complexity. Ivker's is a reasonable place to start.

Possible related interested: See Allergy Solutions, Inc.

I Hope You Have Days with Less Tissues and Less Red Noses!

Dr. James S.

Bank Towers, Tamiami Trail, Naples, FL
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