Dr. James Schaller, MD
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Are You Unsure of Your Current Diagnosis and Treatment?

Dr. Schaller has a unique practice that may serve your needs. He has a broad range of research interests and loves treating people who are seeking additional help. In past years, his average patient has been to numerous smart and helpful healers before seeing him.

He finds it very fulfilling to work with you after you have been to good healers since they have already ruled out many causes for your medical troubles. These other doctors or healers may be strong in areas in which he is weak, so he can focus on what smart doctors may miss.

If you are interested in a second opinion, please call the 24/7 answering service at 239-263-0133. Provide your preferred emails and phone numbers.

Dr. Schaller likes the challenge of complex cases. Out of compassion for people who have felt overwhelmed and hopeless, he is constantly studying the medical literature in many diverse areas of medicine to find creative and effective solutions for his patients. As a result, his 30 books, 27 top journal publications and pending books are very diverse in nature.

According to this veteran healer: "When you hate suffering, you are always driven to search for tomorrow's solutions."

Bank Towers, Tamiami Trail, Naples, FL
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